What are the Documents to bring my family in Dubai on Residence Visa?

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Kahale Sultan asked 6 months ago
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I’m from Kenya, now working in Dubai with one of the leading Cargo company in East Africa.
I was recently transferred on a short term Visa 3months to support our branch in Dubai however due to some work related issues. the Dubai regional manager has requested out main branch in Kenya for me stay for a year and there in process of a residence Visa.
I have been here for 8 weeks but already miss my family.
What are the requirements if I want to bring my wife and 5 year, daughter on Dubai residence visa?

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Safeer answered 6 months ago

How to apply for family Visa in Dubai

@Kahale Sultan  you didn’t mention your position in the company and salary BUT those two  are the major factors to sponsor a family in UAE regardless of the state you live in. Below I have listed for you the general requirements.

Documents required to apply for family Visa in Dubai

* Passport Copies of your Wife and daughter.

* One photograph (white background) of your wife and daughter.

*Your original passport and Emirates ID.

You need Orginal marriage certificate to apply for  family Visa in Dubai

* They will need your Orginal marriage certificate, it has to be attested by UAE Embassy in your home Country in that case (Kenya). It should also be stamped and attested by Foreign Affairs here in UAE.

You  need Daughter’s birth certificate to apply for family Visa in Dubai

* You should do the same with your Daughter’s birth certificate. You need original birth certificate attested by UAE embassy in Kenya and Foreign Affairs here in UAE.

You  need Tenancy certificate to apply for family Visa in Dubai

* you need to have an Original Ejari Certificate & Electricity Bill. ( Ejari Certificate is an online registration system initiated by Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) that requires all Dubai rental or lease contracts to be recorded) Remember Tenancy certificate should be in your name.

You  need Minimum Salary of  AED 3000 to apply for family Visa in Dubai

*You need your Orginal Labour Contract with Minimum Salary of  AED 3000 if  Accommodation is provided and if not, then it should be  Dh4000 +) you can easily get your Labour Contract  printed from http://www.mohre.gov.ae/  or visit any Tasheel Centre near you, now days they have branches almost in every place in Dubai.

AT Tasheel you can ask any other related questions like visa payments or consult your company PRO am very sure he has full information and if you are busy his the one supposed to help you with the process. 
If you still need help contact me at http://smartzonebs.com/. we provide professional help at a fee.


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