How to check if a person has a labour ban In UAE

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Dorrie Damian asked 6 months ago
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If you have a ban from UAE. Do they need to stamp it on passport or it just shows in their system.
Another question, who knows how to check if a person has a ban in Google or any link.or how can I know?

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Aisha A answered 6 months ago

I think they dont stamp in your passport but if new employer applies for new permit, it will automatically be rejected since ban is on yr name in computer system.
Download application at Google Play Store… MOHRE
You will see your status there, its Labour Application.
Everything info about you is there.

Kevin answered 6 months ago

Ban isn’t notified on the passport, its recorded in immigration system.

Ban details cannot be checked online. You would have to send your passport copies to any friend, he/she can visit immigration office and check too, atimes they refuse to give details, a PRO can help too

Asmaan answered 3 months ago

if any person have any kind of labor or immigration ban will clear it
contact me on

Nadeem Tariq answered 3 months ago

 Dear Asmaan,
Your email is not working could you please tell me your another email id, i have a bann situation and woud like to discuss with you.
Nadeem Tariq.

ayaz hussan answered 2 months ago

Salary case, removing of ban.

Dear Sir,

As discused over the call i have filled a case against my company in Sep 2015 because i havn’t got salary for the 9 months . Durning the case my visa got expired on june 2016 and i was not able to get it cancel from my company Now the case is finished as per the jugement and i agreed on partial payment because i got offer from a company for the new job.The only problem which i am facing now that the ministry of labour has put ban on me for 1 year on cancellation of visa . I need your support in this matter as per your experience is there any way to remove this ban from me . Please sir advice me i will be very great full to you.

Ayaz Hussain

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