How to Exit from UAE after leaving Illegally for 3 Years without visa?

Top QuestionsCategory: OverstayHow to Exit from UAE after leaving Illegally for 3 Years without visa?
Mudassar Ansari asked 6 months ago
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I have a friend here in Dubai and he’s living illegal since 2014 bcoz his company not applying his visa daily the company say ok we’ll apply but not he is khalli walli now and want to go back home India I want to know how he can go please kindly inform me his very worried  thanks in advance.

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Abu Yasir answered 6 months ago

Go to Al Aweer jail they well sent him to home

Shan Afridi answered 6 months ago

Tell him to go your embassy first

Muhammad Kashif answered 6 months ago

Tell him to go to al avir immigration take token for counter 13-16 bring his passport they’ll issue him outpass

Wan Wan Bihfon answered 6 months ago

This are type of people committing crimes in this country .3years

Ben Musasizi answered 6 months ago

That’s why they make other people’s to suffer coz of can you stay 4 years with out documents? ?you need to go to jail if am the one in immigration that means you make a bad name to other people expecially your kabayans go go to jail ASAP 9 years in jail

Renan Junrick answered 6 months ago

Are you sure they are the one commiting crimes?
You did’nt know what he have been through..judge not,so you will not also be judge..
God bless

Mac-Donald El answered 6 months ago

Mr Ben. U really did not help matters here. If u can put ursf in his shoes u will understand is not easy to go to yr country empty handed. This world is a lesson and a mystery. Be nice to pple. Thanx my Africa brother

Natasha Nicolle answered 6 months ago

Ben Musasizi what if you’re the one who will sent be in jail…really people are easy to say words that they don’t even know the whole story … what if you’re supposed to ‘ be in this persons side and I will give this words you say to him…then how does it feel??? Mouth speaks through the abundance of the heart so take care so that u won’t hurt others of being so least be polite

Ben Musasizi answered 6 months ago

Natasha Nicolle some people are not serious at least report to migration before matters becomes worse

Natasha Nicolle answered 6 months ago

Somebody asking advice …Give him good advice and if u can’t give him a piece of good advice better to shut up your mouth …I hate people like this ,,so arrogant giving advice .

Rathore Raja answered 6 months ago

Better wait wen uae goverment give amnesty he can apply and go home wid out any problem or go court and explain about ur situation

Pekins Dprince answered 6 months ago

#Nicolle do u need to break the laws before u request for advice, I don’t think you know the meaning of advice you better bring out your advice for him before you start hating people who did not. If I may ask which advice did you give him now.

Admin answered 6 months ago

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