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Hassan Kapele Isma asked 2 months ago
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How can I  find a Job in Dubai from Uganda?

I have been applying for many Jobs posted on this website, however, most of the employers who reply to me say they want someone already in Dubai, UAE.
Other employers replied to me asking for my Dubai visit visa validation.
Currently, I have problems with money and I can’t afford to buy a ticket and Visit visa to Dubai.

Is there a way I can get a Job in Dubai from Uganda?

There some agencies in Uganda that advertise Jobs in Dubai but they’re also very expensive, I can’t afford.

Is there a way I can apply for Jobs in Dubai directly from Uganda?

What is the possibility for a Ugandan to find a good in Dubai?

Is there anyone who can recommend a good and cheap agency that can help me find a Job in Dubai from Uganda?

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Ashia Namboga answered 2 months ago

It Is  amazing for any Ugandan to Work in Dubai, I  have only worked here for 4years but I really love it, the first 2 years were hectic because the agency in Uganda lied to me that they had found me a customer service Job but on reaching here I was expected to be a cleaner in Dubai Mall. I was patient and I kept applying for jobs of my qualification and now I work as a sales executive in Sharjah.

What you need to know about finding a Job in Dubai from Uganda with A recruitment agency 

Many recruitment agencies in Uganda are fake, very expensive and have no connections with the companies  in UAE. be careful before you pay your money.

Recruitment agencies in Uganda ask for about 3 to 5 millions Ugandan shillings to find help find you a job in Dubai ( about 3-4000 AED)

Most Recruitment agencies have connections with labour Recruitment agents, not Companies, these agents are especially from Ajman, these agents actually deal with recruiting maids for local homes but in Uganda, many girls are lied to and they only find out that they will work as maids when they reach here.

For anyone to be recruited a maid from Uganda, You don’t need to pay anything, your sponsor pays for the ticket and all the visa processing fees plus the agency service charge but in Uganda still, thses girls are charged around 3 to 5 millions Ugandan shillings.

Be very careful with recruitment agents in Uganda most of the are scam.

Below are some agencies you can trust to help you find a Job in Dubai but trust me their very expensive and most of the Jobs are low paying ranging from cleaning and security.

The 25 licensed private overseas recruitment companies in Uganda

The best way to Find a Job in Dubai from Uganda

 1 – Find a travel agent, apply for a 3 months visa and come to Dubai directly, many people think it’s very expensive but actually, it’s not, you want to change your life so you better invest.

Find a bed space, this is shared accommodation, It will cost you around 600 AED a month. (around 600,000 Ugandan Shillings) to find cheap bed space in Dubai

When you reach in Dubai,  buy a metro card, It is the cheapest means of public transport in Dubai. you can use the card with public buses and metro. ( Use it for dropping your Cv’s to different companies and walk-in Interviews)

2- Now that you in Dubai, start to apply for Jobs online 

Make a very well organized and professional resume, be on point, mention your qualifications and all your work experiences. How to make professional Cv

Best websites to find Jobs in Dubai 

3- Join Facebook Jobs Groups In Dubai, you can find genuine Jobs and the most importantly you get real employers contact ( be careful many scammers on these groups, never pay money to attend any interviews, real employers don’t sell their Jobs ) 

Best Facebook Groups to Find Jobs in Dubai


M2M Jobs

Many other groups but those 2 above have over 250,000 members.

Dubai has many Job opportunities but for you to land a good one, be patient and work hard, apply on all online sites, check daily jobs on  Gulf News

Good Luck.


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