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Bashir Zueh asked 2 months ago
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I came to here 2 months back to find a Job in Dubai however as of now i have not had any good news.
I came in Dubai on a 3 months Visit VISA and now i’m only remaining with 1 month.
I have Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Post graduate diploma in Logistics.

How can I find A Good paying Job in UAE? specifically i would love to work in Dubai

What are the Common Mistakes i should a void to get a Job in Dubai?

Where is the best place to find A Job in UAE? Is easy to Find a Job In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al khaimah, fujairah, Ajman or Umm al quwain

How to get a good paying Job in Dubai?

What are the best websites to Find Good Jobs In Dubai?

Is It Possible to find a government  Job in Dubai if I’m not Local?

Can i find A good job in Dubai if i can not speak Arabic?

What is more Important to find a Job in Dubai, Is it Education or Experience?

Are there Companies in Dubai with Jobs that Can provide free Accommodation, Pay School Fees For my Children with full medical insurance coverage?  

Is Dubai driving licence important when looking for a Job in UAE? 

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Yasin Muhamood answered 2 months ago

I will try to answer your questions one by one but briefly.

How can to good paying Job in UAE?

The fact is there are many opportunities  in Dubai but after 7 years of living here i have learnt that the country where you come from matters a lot.

Whites or people from Europe are respected and it’s quite easy for them to find Good paying Jobs in Dubai. Example an African or Asian working in the same position with an American regardless of the qualifications, Expect the American to get a better pay.

I worked in  a prominent  rent car company in Dubai as a sales Agent and later promoted to supervisor, after 3 years our manager resigned and he clearly recommended me to become the brunch manager but our general manager  didn’t approve just because of my skin colour and the country where i come from.  ( Well am not saying that all bosses are like that, there some Asian people that really have good Jobs in Dubai but that was my experience) My boss hired a British Guy who had 2 years experience as a reservation officer in a rent car in Uk, this guy was paid 35k AED, He knew nothing, i did everything for him and my salary was 6500K AED, SAD right? he was fired just after 6 months, they later hired 3 Mangers all from Europe and also fired with in A period of 16 months but i couldn’t get the position until i had enough and i also resigned started my own business here and i’m doing great because  luckily enough any one can start a business in UAE.


If you want to find a good paying Job in Dubai and here is what you need to Do

Prepare a were organised Cv, to find a job in Dubai, employers consider Experience more that your education.

you can even start apply for Jobs online before coming in the country.

The best websites to find good Jobs in Dubai



UAE Business Page

Khaleej Times Jobs



Common Mistakes you should a void to get a Job in Dubai?

Never Come to look for a job in Ramadan

Most of the Bosses are on vacation

Business is low

Most companies Work from 9-1 PM

USE ONE CV to apply for Jobs 

common mistake Job seekers do in Dubai  is to apply for every opportunity, be specific, apply for job that Match your experience and qualifications.

Always be read for walk-in Interviews 

When asked “Tell me about yourself” Always reply with answers that reflect what you can to make the organisation better.


Avoid using agencies to find when looking for a Job in Dubai

There higher chances, you wont get a job but you would have paid.

Agencies usually have access to low paying Jobs  

They will waste your time, keep calling you for interviews with them but you actually never meet the actual employers.


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