How to get Dubai Police Clearance Certificate

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Tony Allan Kayiwa asked 4 months ago
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I have been working In Dubai For the last 2 years and last week i finished my Contract with the old Company. I found a new Job and already started training however my new employer is asking Police Clearance Certificate in Dubai to apply for my new Residence Visa.
This the first time to hear about Police Clearance Certificate in Dubai, Can someone please explain to me the producers and steps to get Dubai Police Clearance Certificate.

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Bashir Juma A answered 4 months ago

Follow this steps to get Dubai Police Clearance Certificate.
1- Visit a typing centre and ask for  Dubai Police Clearance Certificate.
2- The form comes in English however it has to be typed in ARABIC.
3- Dubai Police Clearance Certificate application form from typing centre costs 110 AED
4- You need 2 current photographs with white background,  Emirates ID and  original Passport.
5- visit the Dubai Police Head Quarters(DPHQ) near Al Mulla Plaza.
6- If you dont have Eirateds ID they  will scan your fingerprints and run them through the database
7- If you have Emirates ID no need to scan your fingerprints.
8- If you have no issues then you will be cleared and given your Dubai Police Clearance Certificate
Good Luck mate



Adnan Malik answered 4 months ago

But what if a person stays outside UAE

Gopa Kumar answered 4 months ago

If you are living outside You may either apply:

In person if you are back in the UAE OR ask a representative (a friend, relative or colleague) in the UAE, with a power of attorney, to apply on your behalf at the police department in your emirate (see Special notes and considerations for complete list).
You can apply at the nearest UAE Embassy.
You or your representative must bring:

A set of fingerprints certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE Embassy in the country where you currently reside
A copy of your passport and Emirates ID card
One (4×6 cm) photograph
Applicable fees

Didier Gudefin answered 4 months ago

Easiest way I used recently, download police application on mobile, enter you ID number; company requesting the Good conduct certificate, pay on line, no need of pictures, fingerprint…. You will received by email shortly after.

Adnan Yaqoob answered 4 months ago

Simply apply online and get it done in 2 days

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