How to identify the free zone company in UAE?

Top QuestionsCategory: General QuestionHow to identify the free zone company in UAE?
AnilKumar Barai asked 6 months ago
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Please let me know how to identify the free zone company.

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Malik answered 6 months ago

A simple way to identify free zone company is;
Free zone companies has to write FZE, FZCO, FZ-LLC, at the end of their company name.

The further elaboration is;
Free Zone Establishment (FZE) – One individual share holder
Free Zone Company or Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZCO or FZ-LLC) – More than one member
Branch Office.


Safeer Khan answered 6 months ago

1)  Free Zone Companies are 100% owned by the person who set it up.
2) You don’t require a sponsor to start a free zone company in UAE .
3)  Free Zone Companies Can be formed by only one individual.
4) Free zone Companies can do international business.

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