HOW TO lift 1 year UAE labour ban

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Arvind Pandey asked 2 weeks ago
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Can someone explain me how to lift 1 year labour ban. I am a graduate however my certificate is not attested. I was asked to leave the office before completing 1 month and according to law, if you leave your job before 6 months you will have labour ban for 1 year automatically.

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Aslam Khan Sarguroh answered 2 weeks ago

Automatic ban period is for six months only..not one year…one year ban can be imposed upon employer’s request if limited contract is breached by employee..six months ban can be lifted if you get job having salary above 5000 AED and at least someone is having secondary school certificate

Arvind Pandey answered 2 weeks ago

Thanks for your answer how ever 6 month ban has been removed from the mol system and the only ban they give these days is 1 year.. according to recent update. And if you get higher post irrespective of your salary, the ban will be removed. If you are a bachelor degree holder , then your certificate needs to be attested and if you are just high school then no need to attest the certificate. I got all the answer from the mol.

Puran nagda answered 2 weeks ago

Hello sir, I have secondary education certificate holder also done automobile engineering but degree not issue now but i have last semester marksheet and now I\’m working in a workshop as a 4 & 5 category worker my visa start from 30 april 2017 also my contract is limited now i got a new job offer as a 2 category so if i will resign from my current job then i will face ban or not or if i will face ban then new company lift the ban?? Please solve and give me your advice.

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