Huddah Monroe to Appointed as Ambassador of Uganda Ministry of Tourism!

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“The Uganda Ministry of Tourism is plotting on a move to make Kenyan model and socialite Huddah Monroe their Ambassador.
This move aims at boosting Uganda’s tourism and Huddah has been identified as one who can help realise Uganda’s Tourism Goals since she is known all over East Africa & world over.
Don’t forget that this comes at a time when early last month Kenya Tourism Board chief executive Dr. Betty Adero “poached” & signed up Uganda’s top talent musician & B.E.T Award Winner- #Eddy_Kenzo to be their Tourism Ambassador.
#RevengeKabisa”  – Ray Supasta

Ugandan Blogger Ray Supasta posted the news on his FB page However Uganda Ministry of Tourism has not yet responded.

As a Ugandan following  Huddah Monroe on social media, this would be the worst mistake in the ministry.

Do you agree with The Uganda Ministry of Tourism:  Leave your comments below.



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John Kennie Miles answered 3 months ago

Me I saw this very important and helping according to the way Eddie kenzo explained it I think it is very ok for Hudah to represent us coz in Eddy Kenzo’ words he said he can sell Kenya outside more than the Kenyans them self because he is well known and for kenya to be represented out it needs someone who is not a Kenyan to let others know how good its and they will take it because he is not a kenyan and there questions will be if Ugandan or non Kenyan speaks that about kenya then it worth visting
So to me it’s okay she is representing us out side uganda not in Uganda so there is no need for a Ugandan ambassador

Awuor Ochieng answered 3 months ago

No hard feelings, Ugandans can have her

Bridget Nakabugo answered 3 months ago

Shiiiaaa dnt compare Huddah wt Kenzo i luv her bt selling Ug how,ok by posting nudes i mean let them give us a hawt celebrity known fo thr gd deeds cz they r mny bt her nedda mutulekemu

Omar Lee answered 3 months ago

Seriously telling us that the all Uganda has no people to do that hahahaha Ug to be represented by a non Ugandan Garcia.

Luttah Peris Luttah answered 3 months ago

Is this Chit Chat Nairobi Mums ama Kampala Mums…Banange I feel lost in my own group…But Huddah can do it…This time she just won’t come with a range rover she will build an empire

Topstar Bahati answered 3 months ago

Ooops that ain’t good …..dint know h***s would one day take over n women with morals n good education not to be recognised

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