Where to report a lost husband in UAE?

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Crisley Ian Villanuev asked 5 months ago
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Where to report a lost husband? I’ve been blocked and can’t talk to him regarding his obligations to his kids. I’ve been informed that he has a side girlfriend out there.
Does any know the right office where i can file a complain and trace where is my husband now?

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Ssendawula Filly answered 5 months ago

There two places that you could go to.
1. You can go to Dubai courts in the civil court and file a case .
2 You an go to child support centre and file for child neglect case against your husband. they will summon him to court and everything will be solved.

Ai Sha answered 5 months ago

You should speak to his company first before you go to court or police. try to find him, legal actions can really land him to Jail especially this country is very strict, adultery can get him with the girlfriend arrested and deported. think about the actions can do to a family.  
When your sure that his gone and he careless of any actions that you willing to take then  consider taking him to court for support.

Kevin answered 5 months ago

Lodge a complaint in the nearest police station, they will proceed with legal actions through court and submit a letter to your embassy too, incase he approaches them for any purposes he could be summoned there too.

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