Where I should do the medical test in Dubai?

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Gayathri asked 4 months ago
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Am the nurse…if I get a job in Dubai… Where I should do the medical test..in Dubai…or in my home country… I have a scar in my lungs but I don’t have positive tb…I ll get fit or not

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Eliot Shamy answered 4 months ago

Hey@Gayathri I don’t want to be negative but there is a 95% chances that you will fail the test.
My sister had Tb IN 2002 and she recovered quite well but Last year 2016 she found a job in Sharjah but she failed the test because they found a scar on lungs.
I have been in Dubai for 6 years and in my company i have seen 2 Indians fail the Dubai medical test just because of the scare.
However my sister is now working as a maid in Oman and she passed the test there.
Good Luck.
Never fail to try.

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