If you are Luhya,Luo,Kamba Voting Uhuru You are an enemy, you are a fool,an idiot,stupid,cowdung for brains

Top QuestionsCategory: NewsIf you are Luhya,Luo,Kamba Voting Uhuru You are an enemy, you are a fool,an idiot,stupid,cowdung for brains
Irene Atieno‎ asked 3 months ago
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Who wrote this?
“Most Kikuyus are going to vote back Uhuru Kenyatta come August,they know he has failed,he’s not the best,he’s not competent but will vote him back anyway.Why?Because he is their son,from their tribe,one of their own!
Most Kalenjins are going to back up William Ruto,they know he is not the best,he is not competent,he’s a thief,but will support him anyway,why?Because he is their son,from their tribe,one of their own.
If you are Luhya,Luo,Kamba or any other tribe that makes up NASA and you are not supporting NASA,you are there shouting “Uhuru tano tena” you think you are intelligent,you think you are smart, you think you’ve made it in life,you claim not be a sycophant.You are an enemy, you are a fool,an idiot,stupid,cowdung for brains.
Lets not pretend, we all know the benefits and favours that comes when one of your own is the boss of a country. Kikuyus have been there and are still there,Kalenjins have been there.
What about the rest?Don’t you have sons and daughters who can take up the mantle?” Unknown

Original Arthur of the Article Unknown.

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Murimi Christine answered 3 months ago

You can’t u tell your son to vote for the presidency and vote for instead of calling others fool yet u r the biggest?think wise my dear

Cyrus Owenje answered 3 months ago

If you are not a kiuk or kalejin then you should ask your self y they even push on a wheelbarow people from ICU to go and vote.

Samuel Mwiti answered 3 months ago

Are you suggesting every tribe should have a Presidential candidate? Why are kikuyus and kalenjins fools because they want Uhuru? Are you trying to say that the only sensible people are those choosing NASA? A wise man gives sensible argument and not a one side story. Each person has a reason for their choice and you need to respect it.

Henry Ndung'u answered 3 months ago

i wish ur mother gave birth to a sufuria coz it could be of help in cooking, but yu stubid cow dug, u r useless in this country

Candy Cate Marius answered 3 months ago

Point of correction swiri talk of we need new leader frm any tribe bt not to say where leader shld not come from. Atleast we preach peace guys am neither frm any of the mentioned tribes bt i like it when we refer to each other as ur fellow kenyan to avoid what happened the year 2007 and 2008

Irene Atieno answered 3 months ago

Hao walanyama cc twalilia unga, wataka tupande gari ya moshi kama tuko tumbo kavu?, we need a new President not a kiuk or a kale, we are tired of these two foolish tribe, Kenyan must wake up, hope Kenyans remember what happens in Tunisia to Egypt (Arab spring). Unemployment that’s y our youths are joining alshabab, National cake must be shared equally, all currupt leaders like waiguru must not be allowed to vie because they come from house of mumbi, we need sobber leaders..Kenyans wake u

Jesse G Mwangi answered 3 months ago

Who told u that we will elect uhuru cos of being a kikuyu? We will vote him due to lack of alternative. We cant elect such an aged mghanga. Wait n see kalonzo splitting kikuyu votes by two in 2022.

Samuel Waithaka answered 3 months ago

lemi tell u my friend when kenya will be wearing tarters that will be the time for not voting on tribal grounds and u will be mature even if in your grave. What do yu think unye has helped mi as a kikuyu ,what do u think rao will help u they are juz 4 their tummy both , they will do nothin 2kenyans b mature man b kenyan ,think positively or else…

Felix Kivachi answered 3 months ago

It takes courage and a positive zeal to support one of your own. Tribalism is real and even the Bible is all about tribes, languages regions and dispensations. If two tribes have come against forty other tribes why can’t the forty tribes come together against also the two for there own survival of course. NASA shall take up the next government. Even if one of our own will refuse to vote,… God Almighty will do it for us this time round in Jesus name. Blessings sons and daughters, sisters and brothers and whom I may call mother or father. Vote wisely

Dun Aluda answered 3 months ago

how I wish this madaraka day celebrations were held in Nairobi Unity and his accomplices would have gotten a shock of their lifetime. At least wamesave cost us transporting psychophants from nyeri, I must give it to his strategist

Daudi Macharia answered 3 months ago

Uhuru and Ruto may not have done their best in their first term but let no one lie to you NASA is not the alternative here. On 8th August Uhuru will win not because he is the best choice but because NASA is not the best choice to replace him.

Elijah Waweru answered 3 months ago

There is a silent yet powerful revolution by young people in Kisumu and Kibra questioning Raila’s leadership and have vowed to vote in Jubilee! He keep keeping off investors. He keep telling the youths that rallies, demos and throwing stones will bring ugali on their tables but they’ve realized that all those only raise Raila’s brand and enrich him through fundraising! They are now asking hard questions like except by other leaders like Uhuru whose leadership has brought tangible development from sanitation to maternal health care….when will the billions like the ones Raila and cronies have made riding on the poverty striken electorate ever trickle down? For how many decades will they keep following a lie of a century?


Sammy answered 3 months ago

Waweru tumia Kiswahili tafadhali

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