Is It illegal for employer to hold employee’s passport In UAE?

Top QuestionsCategory: General QuestionIs It illegal for employer to hold employee’s passport In UAE?
Muhammed Abubakar Abubakar asked 5 months ago
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I hear that any employer holding an employee passport is illegal in UAE government law please help me because my employer is still holding my passport now and i have finished my two years contract. please tell me what to do to get my passport and is it illegal for my employeer to hold my passport?.

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Edith Olaguera answered 5 months ago

Yes it’s illegal to retain someone’s passport if employer retain passport they can pay fine for holding passport. If u want to get your passport back go to police station. But some of the employers doesn’t follow UAE rules

Wendii Rosario answered 5 months ago

Don’t go to police station.
Go to court directly. Police will not entertain unless there is a letter from court.
Same thing happened to me.
There is no fee. Only 100 for typing center and another 50. I forgot.
But you go to court early, 8am. Go to reception. They will give you a form to follow.
It’s an easy process. Once you get the letter, police will escort you and get your passport from employer

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