Is legal In UAE to work as Nanny but using Company Visa?

Top QuestionsCategory: General QuestionIs legal In UAE to work as Nanny but using Company Visa?
ErnestinaSanchez asked 5 months ago
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I’m working as a nanny but have a company visa and i read in my contract that I have a 6 months probationary contract if i only finished my probationary and want to cancel my visa ended on Oct.30 2018 do you think they will cancel me and no ban and what’ is my rights because too much work and only limited time of day off. Thank you.

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Aziz Quraishi answered 5 months ago

What is the start date of your visa embossed in your passport? Are you working for LLC, freezone or DMCC company?

ErnestinaSanchez answered 5 months ago

October 31 is the start date embossed on my passport.i think it’s unlimited

Aziz Quraishi answered 5 months ago

You can terminate your contract anytime before April 30. But your employer reserves the right to give you a labor ban. However, if you get a job in freezone company, that ban will not affect you.

Khan Sarguroh answered 5 months ago

Working as a domestic helper with having company visa is illegal…if it’s through proper channel then no issue…if your contract is limited then there are chances of getting ban if your employer wishes even u complete probation period.

Gopa answered 5 months ago

Since you mentioned your contract is un limited you can change your job after 6 months.

Malik Tayyab answered 5 months ago

Both members before taking any decision about resignation in order to get another job, please go to any Tasheel Documentation office with your Emirates ID and passport copy and ask them to give you your contract copy. Therefrom you see if your contract is limited or unlimited!.
In case of unlimited term contract; you can resign after your probation period by serving 1 month notice. And you will not get BAN.
If your contract is limited Term contract then; you have to pay 45 days salary to cancel your contract after probation period.
Here the owner have the right to request to Ministry of Labour for a 6 month ban on you.

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