Is delayed salary good reason to resign and claim for gratuity?

Top QuestionsCategory: GratuityIs delayed salary good reason to resign and claim for gratuity?
Kram Naitsirhc Yoccm Ayada asked 2 months ago
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I want to file resignation in our company this coming July, my contract is limited. I finish my 1st contract last year and already renew last June 2016. I decided to resign due to delay of giving our salary and I want to go back in our country. Can I get gratuity and my remaining salary? And how long it takes to release my cancellation? 

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Liz Joseph answered 2 months ago

If u renewed contract and if limited contract, better complete contract and leave job. If more than 3 months salary is pending, u can approach MOL better prior to giving resignation to avoid further issues.


Fragile Heart King answered 2 months ago

same case here. i want resign but employer said i will cut one month salary if you resign because he paid visa charges for me. but i paid 1500 dirham for renewal. now he said, go to vacation after completion of one year(already taken 2 month vacation).
i decided to go after one year completion. and will never come back.

Aslam Khan Sarguroh answered 2 months ago

You have solid proof that company is not paying salary in time then you can submit resignation anytime and you will get all your dues you are entitled for…if company is trying to deduct any amount from your final dues then you can officially complain in the Ministry.

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