Is return dummy ticket a must for Visit Visa UAE traveler

Top QuestionsCategory: TravelIs return dummy ticket a must for Visit Visa UAE traveler
Vishal Kumar Singh From India asked 2 months ago
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I’m Planning to Visa  UAE on visit visa, Is return dummy ticket is compulsory or not for travel.

Please advice me.
Is return dummy ticket is compulsory when Visiting UAE?
How to buy dummy ticket?
How much does it cost to book a dummy ticket?
Can I book dummy ticket online?
Do I have to have a dummy ticket to get a UAE  visit Visa?


4 Answers
G Kumar answered 2 months ago

A return ticket is a must.

This will be checked in all Indian airport to make sure that in case of any problem you can safely return back

Ashen Mayanj answered 2 months ago

I don’t think if you’re coming to UAE, they ask for a return ticket at the airport, think u want to have a dummy return ticket. It’s normally western European countries where u need to show a return ticket at the airport. At UAE airport all u present is the visa n passport to counter

Vishal Kumar Singh answered 2 months ago

I’m coming to UAE for an interview on a visit visa but a return date is not confirmed. So I can’t can’t book a specific date,  can u suggest me how to buy a dummy ticket online or suggest any website.

Nayeem Moh'd answered 2 months ago

@Vishal Kumar Singh,  You can not book a dummy return ticket online. Just go to a travel agent directly, there the only people who can book a dummy ticket.

What is a dummy Ticket?

A dummy ticket is booked in the same way as a normal ticket and the agencies pay as if there booking a normal ticket only that it gets canceled as soon as there sure that you have boarded and the Airline has departed.
The Cost of dummy ticket varies with different travel agencies. 

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