What to do if my Job offer letter is revoked in UAE

Top QuestionsWhat to do if my Job offer letter is revoked in UAE
Hamza Khan Swati asked 5 months ago
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 I went to UAE on 3 months visit visa in search of job ultimately i was offered a job at the end of last month. And i got an offer letter. Then legally i had to exit from UAE as my visa was expired and organization ensued me they would send me employment visa. But still they didn’t send me a visa. And hired a new person at my replacement. Can i take an legal action against them as i have an offer letter and i am in Pakistan. Please suggest me something and tell me if i could take an action then how it’s possible from my home country.

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Altaf Hussein answered 5 months ago

No. it is better to find some job through some recruitment agent. these days there are many jobs in security agencies …. on which points will you take action ? if on first hearing they will take you on job and will terminate after one month … what will you do ?? it is better not to waste time and find some job.

Jana Aradhan answered 5 months ago

No. As simple as no. Just forget it, if they send u visa only then u can even think of anything but From home country no action can be taken.

Ahmad Shabir answered 5 months ago

Yes , you can come and waste your time and money
Better forget & start new job

Passang Lama answered 5 months ago

Lots of company are just using in time of emergencies to make people work on visit visa and throw wen you they are done. It’s Ilegal but they still do it. WHAT WILL YOU ONCE YOU EXIT THE COUNTRY NOTHING AND THEY KNOW THAT.

Hisham Sh answered 5 months ago

You cant take legal action, The offer letter they provided you is not the legal one, One should never exit the country unless they have the original Visa in the hands

Sabir Khan answered 5 months ago

No nothing should be…working on visit visa itself is illegal so u will file a case against urself. offer letter is just a proposal nothing to file a case. never repeat.

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