What are the things that can get you fined in Dubai Metro?

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Adelino Arman asked 6 months ago
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What are the things that can get you fined in Dubai Metro?
Am on a 3 months visa in Dubai to look for a Job. I have been using the metro lately for walk-in job interviews but almost every in the metro I see signs of fines.
Can someone please help me with a full list of things that can get you fined in the Dubai Metro.

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Yasin Muhamood answered 6 months ago

Well, the fines are a bit tricky, I have been using the metro for the last 5 years. I work at Dubai Airport but I live in Sharjah. Every day I drive my from my home to Etisalat Metro station parking where I live the get on a metro to Dubai Airpot  Terminal 1. for all these I have never come across a full list of the Dubai metro fines but below are some of the common ones.

LIST OF Dubai Metro Fines

1- Drinking. ( You not supposed to drink anything in the Dubai Metro.” no water or Juice  )

2-chewing. ( Even chewing gum is not accepted)

3- Sleeping ( Start dozing Or Sleep, you like to attract a fine of  AED100)

4-No passenger is allowed to sit or stand on the cabin connectors.

5-Men  are not allowed to enter or sit in the women and children’s cabin.

6- Putting feet on seats can get you fined.

7- Using an expired or invalid metro card

8-Very common one I have seen 2 people fined is Misuse of emergency buttons.

9-Off course Smoking is not allowed

10-Carrying  weapons or inflammable materials can get you fined heavily  up to AED 2000.

Good luck with the Job searching @ Adelino Arman




Gopa answered 6 months ago

Really I was unaware “Not allowed to sit or stand on the cabin connectors or the luggage area. Dh100 is the fine for using non-passenger areas.”Most of my journey i do like this because that area is quite free

Maria Cecilia answered 6 months ago

Just i knw tht sleeping is not allowed

Dela Calle answered 6 months ago

Honestly me too have now idea on it but i never stand that area coz its not safe and stable when you make stand while the metro is traveling

Faheem Waheed answered 6 months ago

Instead of just giving fines, it’s better to educate the people as much as possible. There are many low skilled labourers who can hardly read English, and you expect them to know all the rules, let alone even educated ones are unaware on some of the rules. So government should spend more efforts on educating instead of just giving fines for all relevant violations.

Louis Fordjour answered 6 months ago

That’s true,fine alone doesn’t solve the problem,Public education is the way of solving these problems so that people may not fall into these rules,my brother @Faheem Waheed thank you

Charle answered 6 months ago

Problem is most CANNOT be educated. And this is no fault of the individual.

Alwayn F answered 6 months ago

But they should remove fine for drinking water because it is the most essence for human and especially in the summer. where the temperatures go upto of 45C to 49C.

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