How long does absconding case take?

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Doni Orzikulov asked 5 months ago
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If the employee exits the country without informing the employer and doesn’t come back as far as I know it will be considered as an absconding case. My question: how long will this case be valid? Can that person come back to UAE after one year and get another job?

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Liz Joseph answered 5 months ago

The Case will remain till the person who gave the case withdraw the case.

Aradhan Swamy answered 5 months ago

No. You can’t enter the country until the last visa is not cancelled from the system by the employer. A new visa can not be issued if the old visa was not¬†cancelled in the system.

Aslam Khan Sarguroh answered 5 months ago

If any person remains outside the country for more than six months then his/her employer can cancel him/her as out of country. This person will not consider as an absconder as far as he doesn’t have any criminal background. And there will be no ban. He can come on any type of visa as soon as his visa is cancelled as out of country by his employer.

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