Makerere University To penalize Naddamba Rebbeca for Indecent Dressing on finalists’ Party

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Kenneth Manny asked 3 months ago
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Makerere University To penalize Naddamba Rebbeca for Indecent Dressing on finalists’ Party

Makerere University threatening to penalise naddamba rebecca for indecent dressing on campuses


Dr. Stella Nyanzi has fired back to the Makerere University for threatening to penalise an adult student.

“Policing and punishing adult women for what they choose to do with their bodies in 2017 is appalling archaic misogyny! When are patriarchs going to let women be? If you feel so proper, manly, moral and respectable, please sew all women long opaque sacks to wear in public and save your loins from erecting in response to our exposed raw red-hot bodies.
Imagine the whole Office of the Dean of Students at Makerere University threatening to penalise an adult student for her dress worn to a finalists’ party! This followed an inquiry launched by the police station on the university campus. Simon Lokodo’s ambiguous Anti-Pornography Act is spreading its poison into free society.

I summon all the goddesses that exist to protect femininity and freedom of (bodily) expression. Women in Uganda need deliverance from the ugly chains of these controlling misogynists! Fuck patriarchy at Makerere University. Why shame and punish an adult for how she chooses to dress at a party?.”

Naddamba Rebbeca indecent dressing at makerere university

Naddamba Rebbeca indecent dressing

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Wan Jiru answered 3 months ago

I didn’t expect them to actually go through with this naye maama! But is that dress Makerere University’s biggest problem? Lecturers aren’t well catered for, support staff aren’t well paid, students say the food is shit but this little dress is the problem? Ehmmmmmmm. We really don’t know our priorities.

Sarah Miracle answered 3 months ago

This girl deserves purnishment since when did slaying turn to nudty? Some times I wonder who brought some people up. I was once university student but I never dressed three-quarters naked.

Kibuule Franky answered 3 months ago

Indecency is Indecency whether yellow, blue, green or colorless.
To hell with freedom to show women genitals in public.
What kind of products are these ?
Kamansulo graduates ?
They need not be mentored by Makerere University.
It can be learnt for free away from the hill of the learned .
I’ve always been pro Stella Nyanzi
On this,
Moreover in our School of Education.
Ba malaaya MWe abaswaaza school yaffe !

Izzie Nantaba answered 3 months ago

Ug Ug banange, where is any sort of freedom????????? No freedom of speech now no freedom to wear as one pleases. Instead of focusing on more important issues,they are wasting time on this. Clearly University priorities are different

Atukwatse Behakanira answered 3 months ago

They Dont Have What To Do, Whats Wrong With That On Others, Its On Her, Her Choice, They Need An Agenda Of Priorities Or Scale Of Preference To Do To People And What People Need From Them

Simon Gitta answered 3 months ago

these are the same people who were in support of Homosexuality here in Uganda , every wrong act attaching it to freedom.
I think even thieves should be left to steal.

Emmanuel Timbiti answered 3 months ago

That lady must know where to dress up like. You tunnish the Umiversity’s reputation simply because of freedom????
If she did it outside on her own business i would say its ok since she is an adult.
Dr. Stella its like you would give her a job if she came dressed up that way in your office.
Try mature reasoning mama Stella.
All of us can go naked or nude but where and when do you do that???!!

Xandra Sparks answered 3 months ago

Today i disagree with you 100%.imagine she was your daughter, would you still say the same thing?
Help me sit somewhere in the corner of your house and picture your own daughter getting out of the house looking like this then you tell us. Ebintu ebimu tukilizeko

Kimera Henry answered 3 months ago

I blame the one who publushed it to the public more becoz the attendees were confortable with it and it fitted the occassion.
Thats why for 3 yrs at university she never appeared like that in a lecture room. The offended ones didnot attend