Mgugu Wants Ivan Semwanga’s body To be Exhumed

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Annet Nandudu asked 3 months ago
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Mr. Mgugu a concerned Ugandan citizen has dragged A-Plus funeral management and Bank of Uganda to court seeking orders to exhume the body of late Ivan Ssemwanga and remove all the currency notes that were buried with him.
He argues that burying a dead body with money is a wastage of public property which violates social and economic rights of other people.Ivan Semwanga's body excumeed


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Gyaza Elton Adroit answered 3 months ago

If you were slumbering as seriou people were making money, dont waste our time!! Ivan spent sleepless nights working, let what is done for his money be done. we dont care but dont waste our time in court you Idiot.

Kendricks Ronald answered 3 months ago

Mr Mgugu is just a broke guy who is seeking for attention. How about he gets concerned on government officials who embezel public funds.i think it would more helpful to the nation

Akile Peter Ngbapai answered 3 months ago

Mr Mgugu u r right coz whether the money was Ivans’ it’s still a government property n mind those of who r criticising Mr Mgugu be careful Mr Ivan did not print that money himself it was done by the government

Ed Julio answered 3 months ago

Question: is the money still in the grave???? He should be very careful otherwise he might have to pay costs to A plus & central bank.

Culio Julius answered 3 months ago

And why would they waste their time to court..let them Jst remove the police guarding the grave nd see if the money won’t come bak into circulation automatically.

Majid Knowlés answered 3 months ago

I refer money to be a personal property coz one sweats for it and uses it to do whatever he wants. if the gov’t just served it freely, there it wud be a public property. so, those disturbed by poverty, wake up at night and pray to the lord to send u his mercy. Lets stop fighting for money in graves with the dead. Lets pray hard and learn to work coz am also nt rich and i cant fight for money with the dead. That Man Myt even be a member of kifeesi. You never knw peoples intentions.

Lamson Muhairwe answered 3 months ago

why does it have to be an individual? Dint bank of Uganda see the story or the Attorney general? That was violating national currency. disrupting the flow of currency. they should be sued, exhume the national currency.

Mugula Isaac answered 3 months ago

Ladies and gentlemen whoever is arguing for this magugu fellow certainly foigets that pharaohs are burried with loads of gold and live animals. What is Ugandan money when in some east african forex shops it’s not acceptable. Instead magugu shud address his stress to national medical stores and the golden hand shakers

Kigundu Prudi answered 3 months ago

Corruption in the country is more of a problem which affects us more than that little thing of Semwanga, wake up Ugandans think big don’t be so poor to forget what affects u more. Stupid.

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