Out Million expats in UAE  why only Filipinos are warned against Sex Outside Wedlock

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Julz Lubrico Cubol asked 2 months ago
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After reading the article from one of the leading news portal in UAE, I’m really sad, sex outside wedlock by Filipinos in UAE become mostly discussed topic last week.
I agree that we come from a more free country and I respect the culture in UAE, but this is also done by many nationalities living in UAE, especially Africans and westerners even Indians.
Why Filipinos have to be loudly mentioned out? Are Filipino the only nationals that practice Sex Outside Wedlock in UAE, I don’t agree!
This should be a general Warning without mentioning any one’s nationality 

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Camila Jude answered 2 months ago

I support it, More stringent measures should be taken. This is a huge problem for people living with families. These people cause too much nuisance.
Even their own Consul-General is accepting that this is a fact. These people are infamous in GCC for such despicable acts, yet I still see a lot of them commenting here saying that this law /act is unjust!
Disgusting… Respect the law. If you cannot respect the laws of a country, better leave that country and go back to your own country where you can do what pleases you

Julaina Lupy Loy answered 2 months ago

@ Camila you only saying that because your nationality not being mention here, like what Julz Said mentioning out one nationality is the problem, everyone does this not only Kabayan,  we all know the fact that all nationality was included in this issue. thick twice before talking too much

Sizzman answered 2 months ago

I knew some Filipinos in Dubai have fake documents like their marriage certificate and they lived together with their children… and they live life to the fullest, this is illegal if they caught they will go behind bars.
Is it true that if someone calls the CIDs and report such activities, that person will even get rewarded for cooperating with the authorities?
I see myself getting the reward!!!!

Yoli Lupuz answered 2 months ago

warning against it is okay, mentioning out nationality is wrong.
When you go to Dubai Deira, Many Indians dating Filipino, Pakistan, whites.

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