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Bii Cii asked 5 months ago
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My contract will be expiring on 21st of April and i have given a notice that I’m not going to renew my contract as I am joining a new company. But they have informed me that as per the offer letter which i have signed from them, i should have given 90days notice, which i failed to comply.
Will they have any right not to release me at the end of my contract and hold my cancellation, as they were asking me to stay for atleast 2months before leaving them. (basically on May) by which my contract to them is over.

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Aslam Khan Sarguroh answered 5 months ago

you can notify your company one month before expiry of your contract …90 day period doesn’t apply once your contractual period is over.

Bii Cii answered 5 months ago

I understand. But by any chance, can i request them to cancel my visa earlier so that i can have my visa processed with the new company?

Jana Aradhan Swamy answered 5 months ago

Technically u must follow your signed offer letter. You can still work till 20th of May. That is including the grace period on the existing visa expiry. It’s purely your decision how want to continue… If they insist for 90 days notice period. Then the overstay charges need to be decided by both of you. Even after expiry u can work under same employer. but the fines and charges are by the employer in full. Since u r in a peculiar situation of 90 days notice and one month of notice expiry. This needs to be mutually sorted out..

Malik Tayyab answered 5 months ago

Depending on the type of contract, Notice period is obligatory in case of early termination of contract.
However, if one wants to quit upon completion of contract, he/she may serve non renewal notice 1 month prior to the contract completion.
Technically they may ask to serve until the visa not expired.
So in your situation the 3 month notice have no legal use.

Shu Ha Da answered 5 months ago

They can not force you to work after ur visa expired, technically its illegal. However, employer can partially cut an amount on ur last payment because you failed to served notice stated in ur contract. 

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