Police should arrest massage card distributors in UAE

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Ummer Hajjika asked 6 months ago
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Police should arrest massage card distributors in UAE

I live in International City, I love the place since my office is in Dragon Mart so it’s a walkable distance from my apartment to office.  I rarely drive my car unless if am driving to Dubai for other personal issues or to meet clients however my problem is these massage card distributors. Am so tired, every day I find more than 50 cards dropped all over my car.

Police should arrest massage card distributors in UAE

I don’t know why these people are not arrested because I know even the massage business that is advertised is illegal in UAE.
Today morning i found one man, Indian Nationality, I caught him in action while he was putting a card on the car that was parked near mine but when I tried to talk to him he disappeared like a thief. he just started running.

I think Dubai police should put some serious measure to arrest these people since their using inappropriate images and with my knowledge in UAE I understand that Every advertising firm must get approval from the economic department.
My question is. Why are these people not caught and do this freely?

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Nene Hubashubas answered 6 months ago

True. Really annoying. A lot in Burjuman. Pathways, streets spreading on the ground.


Julie Villanueva answered 6 months ago

I often do removing that cards on my car when I park in NAIF..

Okpala Valentine Chukwuebuka answered 6 months ago

Yes is true even in all the clusters In international city any car parked there must be a victim to this rubbish. I wish those impostors will be tracked down.

Jibin Joy answered 6 months ago

U can see these people having small bags with them in which they hold those cards ..simply the poor municipality workers have to clean the road collecting all the junk cards ..pls do take some action on this.

Mac-Donald El answered 6 months ago

Yes. Tired of removing the cards from my car. Last month I was opportune to warn the guy to stop putting. While I don’t think he will

Jacky Ha answered 6 months ago

Arreste to this type of people and close this center it’s removing the UAE culture.

Pankaj Shah answered 6 months ago

Immoral, illegal activities using trade license, not a business card. it is a soliciting card.
UAE authority requires to take strong actions, as it spoils the moral of youth.

Mohammad Arid answered 6 months ago

Today morning I find the guy who is clean the road is but this card on the cars in discovery gardens street 1 when he see me he run away

Anju Mathew answered 6 months ago

Daily I used to get 10-15 cards in Karama …disgusting

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