Is it possible to lift A lifetime ban in UAE

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Amir Hussain asked 5 months ago
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Is it possible to lift lifetime banned if absconding?

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Gopa answered 5 months ago

Life time ban can’t be lifted normally only your old sponsor can lift

‎Siddheshwar Mani Tripath answered 5 months ago

One of my friend got lifetime ban from immigration. Any solution to lift that ban.
he worked in a company based in Sharjah and his employer was lodge a false absconding friend was won the case but his employer did something in Sharjah immigration.when he was exiting UAE that time only he knew that he have lifetime ban.

Raji Nana answered 5 months ago

Life time ban can only be lifted by the sponsor. otherwise no way.  

Mishi Ney answered 5 months ago

If you resign to your company when you finished 1 year (2 yrs contract) and paid for the 45days, can they ban you?

Asis Recede‎ answered 5 months ago

Can someone explain how to lift a lifetime labour ban? Its not banned in immigration, its ban in Ministry of Labour only

Sohail Nasir answered 3 months ago

I am ban life time in UAE due a very small robery 
Is it possible to remove my life time ban.

Muhammad Asif answered 1 month ago

i didn’t do any crime and exited my previous company after handing over all work properly. But I got a lifetime ban, don’t know why and who did this. Any help on this matter please?

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