Halima Kiberu asked 2 months ago
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It’s a big shame in a modern society to find a heartless man of a Professor’s level siring more than 80 kids from the students he has been educating.
Parents and guardians at St. Lawrence schools so disillusioned after learning that proprietor Prof. Mukiibi has been having sexual affairs with their girl children while infecting them with HIV/Aids in exchange for bursaries and money.
This Followed revelations that the late educationist Lawrence fathered more than 80 children outside wedlock marriage.
Ahead of his burial on Friday, Mukiibi’s family paraded at least four dozen children, some barely one year old to 16 years, who he fathered during his reign as a high respected educationist.
But what is so scary is that 75% of the kids he sired them from the girls that studied from his schools
It has been established that Prof. Mukiibi has been conducting sex interviews for any female staff in order to pass the interview and get a job.
He had made it a norm that each year he had to get himself 10 most beautiful young from each of his seven schools who he has been sleeping with.

His exposed sex maniacs to young girls have left many people who respected him most to term him’ ’as a monster ‘after destroying the future of a young generation intentionally.” – EyeWitness24

[caption id="attachment_12070" align="alignnone" width="696"]PROF. LAWRENCE MUKIIBI KIDS Credit Source – New Vision[/caption]
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Afraine Anne answered 2 months ago

This is avery sad situation coz if prof was hiv positive he did not only infect the girls he also infected the boyz ,coz these boyz to some extent again slept with these girls or with our other dotas meaning that he has generously contributed to the rise of Hiv and Aids in uganda and the neighbouring countries at large.Cant say rest in peace for such.

Godfrey Gimei answered 2 months ago

What is wrong with that, no wonder persons of your category have destroyed our culture by mounting fellow men and women fellow women. In Genesis, God said go produce and multiple, was he telling stones or humans. Prof hard alittle time during the Prime age due to books but after amassing wealth, it was time for him to put his tool to use and on available instruments.

Ben Ekicumurwa answered 2 months ago

St Lawrence schools being among expensive ones, these girls looked for favours in pursuit of their studies and indeed they got it. We are aware of what’s going on in many higher institutions where a number of females are engaged in sexual activities with sugar daddies in order to get tuition fees paid. To this generation,the situation is normal.

Tanebrugo Pescantini answered 2 months ago

What if the law is amended to protect every girl who goes to school?
The law in Uganda does not support the girls who still attend schools, however, the law protects any girls below the age of consent.
My question is, was he sleeping around with those below the age of consent or above?

Above all no one would entrust Saint Lawrence Schools &, colleges with their daughters anymore.

Simon Tumuhimbise answered 2 months ago

But prof died as a result of a motor accident. I wonder why people have to quickly conclude that he was HIV positive. Probably he wasn\’t. He lived his life in his own style and managed to leave a legacy, so let\’s not judge him.
Let\’s focus on living our own lives putting in mind that we shall also be judged

Jay Leo Julius answered 2 months ago

Guys, it takes a real man to have the resources to father all these children, I don’t think that’s an embarrassment but this was part of the many achievements. About most of the girls being from St. Lawrence is quite obvious, commonsense plus animal instincts makes man to affiliate with whatever he has access to on his environment. This is a man who had 5 secondary schools and and university with the cream de la cream of girls who idolised him and had tested his wealth, this made him the victim instead of the villain. They gave birth to his kids because they wanted to tap into the vast resources he had. RIP my mentor. God took you too soon you could have fathered 100

Nankya Zurah answered 2 months ago

This is where Uganda is going !!for any with any mind of ka employment to be offered to a female its has to be exchanged in for s*x interc’se and now girls are also OK. With it and very ready to offer their goods for ajob opportunity .not knowing or minding the out comes.such things have even destroyed many marriages .

Edwin Kaggz answered 2 months ago

Ok he was a bad guy, a professor(Unworthy of being call called so),….etc etc so why didnt any of you set these charges against him. Why bring it now? If any of you wanted him to pay or be charged, then Y do it this late. If any of you felt any compassion for the victims, you would have done this a long time ago not after he is dead. What you need to do, Is, to save this current situation, just uncover more people of these kind of people so that we can save fellow Ugandans. Plz do remember that A stitch in time saves nine. Otherwise if you care for his ‘illegitmate’ children, go and fund them

Lsabirye Twaha answered 2 months ago

if pipo av bn aware wen dis in happening and decided to kip quiet then u didn’t help us can u imagine hw yanga gals were used and hw many dey a going to infected oohhhoo kitalo nyoo.ate gwe owamanya nosilika diz gals a most likely to go in wiz one of ur relatives .lastly l request da concerned authority to prob wat exactly hw many such Mukiibi z a existing in da entire fraternity of doz schs.

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