How to lift a blacklist In UAE Immigration

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Maryam asked 3 months ago
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I just want to know how lift a ban due to old TB Lung scars?

My brother came  to UAE  on visit visa and he got a job while processing  his medical fittness test for residence visa the hospital found that he has scars in his lungs and need he was sent back to  the Philippines. when he arrived inPhilippiness he took general medical to confirm if he has scars but his medical is all clear no any scars or any disease.. we

We want to process a visit visa for him again to go back in UAE but the immigration say he is in blacklist.

What can we do to remove his ban?

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Martin Asiimwe answered 2 months ago

I have a problem with my previous company i worked for them past 6 years, I resigned month on 5th March 2017 and my last last day is supposed to be today after working a notice period of 1 month, from March 5th to April 5th 2017.  As of now i already joined and working in new company from 15th of April 2017.
I’m very confused, My visa was cancelled on 13th Apirl 2017.  The new company applied for my new visa of 25th of Apirl 2017 but it was rejected, after our PRO followed up, today he came saying that my previous company put me on absconding case.

I called the HR in my old company and she has no idea. Can this happen or the new company is just playing games?
How and where can i find out what’s the real issue.

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