How to Resign from a Freezone Company?

Top QuestionsHow to Resign from a Freezone Company? asked 4 months ago
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I am working in a Free Zone company since 5th February-2015.
If I want to resign then how many month before I have to inform to my company ? And 2nd thing is there any ban will be apply on me if didn’t complete 03 years as you people know that Free Zone company visa is for 03 years.

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Hisham Sh answered 4 months ago

Normally no ban .send 1 month notice if nothing is mentioned in contract.

Muhammad Faisal Mushtaq answered 4 months ago

In last year our company give us a paper for sign and in that paper it was written that you have give resign before 2 month and when we asked them then they said its from government I just want to confirm is it true ?

Sabir Khan answered 4 months ago

No such rule if it is not in an agreement from freezone no value.

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