Resignation not accepted. What can I do ?

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Sadiq Nm asked 6 months ago
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I am writing for my friend. He is working in a trading company since last 17 months His contract is unlimited. and he got good offer and he submitted resignation by hand with one month notice period but the company refused it. So he sent it by mail. On the next day when he went to company they harassed him and asked him to either work for 3 month if not sit outside company on foot path and work for the notice period. And they sent him out of office. Called so much of bad words in native language. So he called me and i suggested him to file a complaint stating all this in tasheel. He filed the complaint and i think they have filed it for cancellation reasons. And after this he didn’t go to work. Its been 4,5 days now. Now he got a message that the company has filed a case against him for abandoning. And he need to be present in court on 21. Will¬†there be any issue for him? What actions should be taken now? Any idea to anybody?

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Gopa answered 6 months ago

I hope He already given the complaint first ,and he can take the proof of resignation letter and mail Absconding is not valid .no ban

Rajesh answered 6 months ago

MOL can understand that company purposefully made absconding against him so don\’t worry

Jana Aradhan Swamy answered 6 months ago

If possible try to take two witness. Who can prove about harassment… will also help…

Sadiq Nm answered 6 months ago

But the issue was happened in company office so that i don’t think his colleagues will be ready to be witnesses as they are working in the same company and it will become as problem to them in future

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