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Eze Kanayochukwu asked 4 months ago
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I made a complaint on 18th of December 2016 of salaries delayed for 5 months and the labour office gave us an appointment this year 2nd of march. I went to labour office that 2nd but we couldn’t settle my problem because the money which my boss suppose to give me is not my complete salaries. They gave us another appointment on 20th of April which is this coming Thursday. My id is a year and one month now as a car dental…Sir, Please I want to put my questions in sequence. No 1. My friend said to me if the labour office didn’t treat my case the way I want I should inform them to transfer the case to court…No 2.
This April makes it 9 months, hope he’s going to pay all this months…No 3. He’s saying that he will cancel my visa, what’s my requirements if he comes to cancellation.

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Gilbertle answered 4 months ago

Next visit if it is not settled ask them to move the case to court .and from court you can get permit for working with other company for 6 months(if you have a new offer).he should pay till the last day of your working.Get your full dues then only sign the cancellation document.Do not withdraw the case settle the case in labour court or Dubai court

Chris Angela Zaida Garcia answered 4 months ago

Good evening i just want to know if your employer settle all your dues after your second appointment?we have same situation for the issue of delayed salaries but my problem is my employer he already runaway and until now i didnt get any appointment date for the labor.

Eze Kanayochukwu Eze Kanayochukwu answered 4 months ago

I couldn’t see my boss that day of our second appointment on the labour office, he also run away but the person in charge of my case called him on phone which he answered the call normal with him in Arabic languages which I don’t understand. But he asked me what’s my intention as my boss was not there for my case now..I said to him is better to move the case to court, which I later moved it out of labour office to Dubai court that same day..Dubai court gave us 16th of may.

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