Uganda’s Stella Nyanzi Out Of Prison.

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Raymond Mukama asked 3 months ago
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It Is True Stella Nyanzi is out of Prison and she had this to say on her first socail media Post from Luzira Prison.
“What a delight to be out of the ugly belly of the state’s brutality! Luzira Women’s Prison will forever hold a dear place in my heart. I made friends with prisoners. Thirty-three days of wearing the sickening yellow uniform, sleeping on a thin mattress spread on the cement floor – alongside sixty other in-mates in my ward, squatting in mock respect of underpaid prison warders, running to be locked up for ‘Foleni’ counts, undressing for body searches exposing my genitals to the prying eyes of warders, the nightmare of shitting in a flooding pit latrine, surveillance, interrogation, the works…

I am glad to be home with family and friends who love me. I am loved. I am grateful to be loved. All the days I was locked up in Uganda’s beastly prison, I was upheld by love from near and far. I thank you all for the love. Freedom smells lovely when among loved ones.
My lawyers and legal team kept my winning spirit up. My sureties restored my hope in humanity. All my visitors in prison inspired me not to give up. The public press media and the social media fraternities kept the fire burning. Human rights activists, feminists, queers, journalists, cartoonists, comedians, musicians, artists, scholars, researchers, foreign missions, and all my allies who stood tall and proud in solidarity with me, I thank you.”

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Keem Love Black answered 3 months ago

Woooweoeoeo diva welcome back my lovely everything.. I hv been missing this English.. Yo writings make my unborn baby happy. How I missed u love.. Now back to bness. Luzira officers will never forget me too.

Oweka answered 3 months ago

Welcome back Stella Nyanzi and we wish you quick recovery. Take a rest!

Bob Patrick Oweka answered 3 months ago

We are so glad that u came out of that crap, I hope now it’s time to Learn from the past and make future bright with even Moore struggling till all WE Ugandans walk with swagger and have freedom of Speech, Welcome Home Nalongo

Harriette B Tamu answered 3 months ago

Welcome back. You were greatly I missed your writing. Stay strong. All will be well and indeed you are truly loved.

James William Mugeni answered 3 months ago

Welcome home Just want to be careful not to engage you in any bum talk once beaten twice shy. We are a nation of balless men.I hated seeing you dragged by fellow women at the whims of men who should protect you.Enjoy your God given freedom.

Stella Nyanzi - Sick carried out Prison

Bob Patrick Oweka answered 3 months ago

We are so glad that u came out of that crap, I hope now it’s time to Learn from the past and make future bright with even Moore struggling till all WE Ugandans walk with swagger and have freedom of Speech, Welcome Home Nalongo

Kamya Zacheus Semakula answered 3 months ago

Well be back Dr. NYANZI we Ugandans really believe in you. You only brought out what most Ugandans feared to air out. So u are the mouse piece for Ugandans under captivity.

Kiyemba Harunah answered 3 months ago

The decision to speak about the evils in this society with intention of getting comments or likes WAPI it’s never about that leaders don’t Look for followers it’s conviction and dedication towards a cause inspired beyond fame,financial gains or recognition like what most of you chose to do. It’s hard to remain neutral in times of Evil.

What Stella Nyanzi chose to do goes beyond fame or money because in the first place she would have decided to join the yellow bus like other Professors have done because she is highly qualified to do so….many of her colleagues are begging for salary increments despite the fact they are entitled to it but decide to go on their knees from people who basically failed to even pass University entry exams.
Welcome back!

Kayunga Fride Scalbrini answered 3 months ago

Welcome back mama Stella Nyanzi tough times naver last but tough people do…And if u hv faith as amusturd seed\’s u will alwyz move those folding mountains in way through……thnx mama Stella

Thnx once again…….from me and my family who ar going through tough times of economic crisis
Food crisis
Medical crisis
School fees crisis… Soon or later, one day in town the beast will live and every Ugandan will live peaceful in thr mother Land

For God and my country

abu Aggrey White Bull answered 3 months ago

Hope those goons never put anything into your body in the name of “medications”. And what of the Quaker who wanted to carry out a psychiatric examination on you without your consent, u should have struggled his dangling bodies. welcome come back.



Julius Sseng Well come back, you have completed the full cycle of activism mum. I treasure you, I admire you resilience and courage. You are not free though…….

Bugembe Leonard answered 3 months ago

Well be back sis, we shall still stand for what is right . l will still use free Stella Nyanzi as my profile picture not with your permission but for the very reasons that you were put behind bars for those very reasons are still behind bars as long as the “pair” is still in charge of affairs in uganda

BE KA MU answered 3 months ago

Today I sleep a peaceful woman. Knowing that GOD has protected you all those days Mama Stella. Am in Kenya but your voice is my freedom and my daughters better tomorrow. I pray for you every hour every minute. I ask God for one thing only, may your struggles be rewarded when you can see and feel the impact. In simple, long life is your portion

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