I was terminated but the company wants me to leave the country immediately?

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Sneha Kumari asked 4 months ago
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I am working in trading company for 3 years on a sales  visa and unlimited contract.  on April 1st my boss told me stop the work and bring outstanding payment from customer and after they cancelled  my visa and they provide accommodation before but now there not allowing me to stay.
I need a month at least to look for another Job but they don’t agree. What can i do?

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Gopa Kumar answered 4 months ago

Did they give any termination letter ?if not continue with the job and put your presents.If the invoice is sent and all documentation is proper accounts department follow up on the payment.cMake a report and outstanding payment list with invoice nos and contact numbers send to account department for further follow-up .In parallel go to tasheel and put a complaint that no accommodation and ask you to stop working. At any cost what they say let them put in writing.If they issue a letter and ask to sign. Please write your comment ” Payment collection is not my responsibility, All the details send to accounts department ” then sign and take a copy and give the original to them.

Sneha Kumari answered 4 months ago

Thank you but they do not allow  me to enter the office and I already filed case in tassel but  now they are saying remove case otherwise we will make case against you

Malik Tayyab answered 4 months ago

Better to solve it amicably by negotiations and solve the issues.
It’s irony that employers can go to any extreme when they are challenged in a court of law.

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