Am I eligible for termination pay and end of service benefits?

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Rakesh Gaur asked 4 months ago
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I need your guidance regarding termination. I am working in IT Company as Senior software engineer under 3 year limited contract under dmcc free zone and I have completed 2 .6 year with employment. Last year in September, My Company given me warning letter related to poor performance and misusing sick leaves and unfortunately I have signed that letter without thinking legal impact .According to that They will monitor my performance and given me 1 month notice to improve else result will be termination of employment. After that They have not terminated me .They given me yearly salary hikes with good performance and also yearly bonus around 15000 AED.When I recently back from my vacations then yesterday they given terminated me without giving notice period i.e. They terminated me in one day .My manager and I don’t have good relationship and he mentioned lots of negative information in termination letter .

My question is
• Am I eligible for termination pay and end of service benefits

• Can I challenge in DMCC about whatever wrong information my employer written in termination letter?

• Can my put labour ban on me?

• I have some personal loans and Cash on call on Credit cards, what things I have to take care?

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Gopa answered 4 months ago

In limited contract, Immediate termination can be done.You should get 3 months salary and all service benefits(Still request you to check with DMCC),  No point in any sort of challenge. Since they terminated no ban.Personal loan and credit card you should pay EMI and don’t make any default until you get a job and change.
If 3 default they can file a case in that case you have to pay the total balance to exit this country.

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