The struggle of white girls becoming black

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Davis Hamuza asked 3 months ago
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Why are white girls struggling to become black?

While many of our African women are dying to get a light skin complexion, here is a white lady struggling to get a dark skin complexion. You should be proud of what you have, someone somewhere is fighting to get where you are. (Watch this: footage is from  Barcroft TV )

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Robert B Kinene answered 3 months ago

Look I have no problem with gals wanting to make their skins lighter or vise versa. My only problem is obsessiveness, like is the case with the lady in the video. That right there is unmitigated obsessiveness! !

Holy Holy answered 3 months ago

The interviewers are soooo annoying. Its her life her body her choice so stop asking her if she feels beautiful just because she bwcame dark skinned. She is happy and that’s what matters!

Olivs Kyomu answered 3 months ago

I use to agree wiith doz ppl e who says black is beauty. Bt wen I started traveling I realized that black is ugly colour. Few pple admire\’s black colour.look at African pple if it comes to describe dem. Feck hair, big stomach,no nail s, red eyes big ass. Black colour most ov them v big nose , now look at this woman mubutufu she\’s looking shapeless. Ahha mbu black is beauty mutulekemufe.if I die God I want to be born in

Malaika Kusaasira answered 3 months ago

When is their party l mean funeral cause they are dead they are just not. Buried mentally ill and not aware lord have mercy l love my body l can’t do anything to hurt me.

Jenny Paul answered 3 months ago

African we are beautiful and cut we should be proud of our own skin colour period

Irene Juliet Kasirye answered 3 months ago

he now looks ugly and retarded. She was a natural beautiful woman who turned herself unto something horrible.

Herbert Godivah answered 3 months ago

Very sick to the extent that she can’t speak. Lost accent

Jane Sebutinde answered 3 months ago

So many white people wanna turn dark, that’s why they use fake turns, stay in the sun. Black doesn’t crack.

Immie Davis answered 3 months ago

I never new that being a model you have to go through difficulties