How can i avoid absconding case, Travel agency opened case against me in Dubai

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Zinneacy Senal asked 3 weeks ago
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I Would like to ask for the best step to do? because my present company didn’t apply for my visa for almost 4 months of staying with them,  that’s why I got abscond issue from immigration, for my overstay for almost 3 months.
Mh question is? 
1st-Can I go directly to immigration to ask for the cost of my over stay?
2nd- can I tell them that I’m already working with the company for 4 months without visa? whenever I ask for the discount?
3rd- can I let the company pay for any cost? If I don’t want to continue working with them after that?
Note: I don’t sign any agreement or offer letter or contract from the company, only mutual agreement from both sides.
Please help me, what is the best way to do?

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Ashar Aziz answered 3 weeks ago

Yes, you need to go to Jafiliya metro station. There is immigration office. Seek consultation from one of their customer service agents sitting there.

Aslam Khan Sarguroh answered 2 weeks ago

Overstay fine is dhs. 25 per day… actually it’s your mistake.. you should have not continue working with a company not providing visa…you can’t take any legal action against company becuase legally you are not under their sponsorship…now you need to find another secure job and before applying visa pay all your fine but make sure whether your previous employer filed an absconding case against you

Zinneacy Senal answered 2 weeks ago

But they didn’t give me absconding case it automatically absconded from immigration

Aslam Khan Sarguroh answered 2 weeks ago

Not possible automatically absconded from immigration. you can double check with your previous employer whether they reported your absconding case

Ashar Aziz answered 2 weeks ago

Really?no i also asked them,because my previous boss is my friend, they’re also wanted to take me again,and also the person who r worried about me,so from time to time they asked me if i already got my visa?and pushing me to follow up from my present employer

Aslam Khan Sarguroh answered 2 weeks ago

You need to pay fine..there will be no absconding case unless and until it’s not filed by your sponsor

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