Why UAE labour court has put one year Ban on me?

Top QuestionsCategory: General QuestionWhy UAE labour court has put one year Ban on me?
Ali Imran asked 3 months ago
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I had a agreement for two years with my company . and Seven months later I put case about salary on company in Labor Court . After one year later court judge ruled in my favor . Then I made a new passport , ( old passport with owner ) . when I went for cancellation. Labor Court put one year Ban on me.(Remember My two-years contract with company will expire in August 06-08-2017).
Right now how can I remove one year Ban? And why labour court has put one year Ban on me?

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Nimfa Nunez answered 3 months ago

Because you did not finish 1 year. If you resigned within 6 Mos. There will be no Ban.

Ahmed Al Bulushi answered 3 months ago

One year ban that u cannot join private company . But u can join freezone companies nd government no problem

Ali Imran answered 3 months ago

Yes I know about freezone … But I want remove the ban .. any salution. How can I remove

Hazrat Sayed answered 3 months ago

Go to Tasheel, Explain your situation and they will advise you on the way forward. Good Luck but it was an automatic ban due to not completing the contract you have no chance rather than waiting.

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