What does the UAE labour law say on Resignation during Probation

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Hassan Ismail asked 1 month ago
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I have been working for a Company in Dubai but I can’t really make it anymore, I was trained for only 2 weeks and the boss put me on the counter because the senior staff was going for vacation, I work 12 works and the place is very busy. basically, the work is way more than the salary.

My boss is Egyptian but his very rude and speaks to me like am nothing plus he shouts a lot. If I resign in my probation period what will happen?

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Yasin Muhamood answered 1 month ago

Probation Period is used by employers to evaluate the new employers, In UAE most of the company have 3 to 6 months probation period.
The period allows employers to terminate an employee who is not doing well at their job.

It depends on the type of your contract “Limited or unlimited” however since you didn’t specify your contract I will try to answer you in general.

If your current salary is below 5000 AED you may face an automatic ban from MOL ” Ministry of Labour”. The ban completely depends on your destination and level of education.

If you resign during probation, you will not be entitled to gratuity. as per the UAE labour Law, you may only be entitled to gratuity after completion of 1 year of service.

Even though it’s not accepted by MOL, “Ministry of Labour” but is it’s mentioned in your contract, the employer may require you to pay back all the visa expenses.

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