What is the UAE law say for notice period salary?

Top QuestionsCategory: General QuestionWhat is the UAE law say for notice period salary?
Bheesham Kumar asked 4 months ago
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I’m working as a doctor in LLC medical center since sept2016, they won’t give me salary on time since I join, now pending salary since Feb2017, when I ask for salary to my owner he ask me resign, then I resign as per direction & one month notice period but he did not accept notice period & relieve me early, now he is deducting the expandature for visa & accommodation .
My question is what UAE law saying for notice period salary & other is weather they should deduct expandature despite to forcing me to resign

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Liz Joseph answered 4 months ago

You don’t have to pay any cost for visa, as the said cost is the accountability of employer as per UAE labor law.

Marilou Entrolizo answered 4 months ago

You better call ministry of labour and put a complain. 

Azmat Rafique answered 4 months ago

you can study your rights on the website of ministry of human resources A category visa you have right to resign anytime and by the way whats the name of that medical center so that the other doctors could be aware. 

Ashen Mayanj answered 4 months ago

I didn’t know doctors can also go without salary like other unskilled jobs. Since it’s a highly skilled professional job category, no one can stop u from resigning, report him to recover ur salary n look for another job, doctors are always on demand

Adv Prasad Krishna answered 4 months ago

Your Company have no right to claim the visa expenses from you, it is purely illegal. You can approach the labour Dept. to resolve your issues.

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