Finally Uganda Airlines been revived

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Aweys Ashkar asked 3 months ago
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Has Uganda Airlines been revived for real?

This Morning I came across a viral Facebook post starting as below
“There is a new airline in Uganda disguising as a national airline called FlyUganda. According to pictures on their FB page, they have imported a new plane fully embedded with a crane which is part of the national emblem and colours. It is not clear whether the airline is here to replaceUganda airlines or it is privately owned. But the statement on their page says “The time has come for us to revive, establish and strengthen our own national airline. Be part of the move”
At the beginning of this year, Govt announced its plan to revive UgandaAirlines by July 2017 but they faced the name challenge because the parent name “Uganda Airlines” had been sold to a private investor by the same govt and could not recover it.
Who knows? Maybe they came up with this new name.”
Has Uganda Airlines been revived for real?
Uganda Airlines has been Revived


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Mukwaya Saka answered 3 months ago

Bwahahaha stop lying to our Ugandan fellows that Uganda soon they introducing airline. just know the different between QANTAS(Austria) Airbus and Uganda private airline. can Uganda starts on Airbus and even hasn’t yet thought of Boering Naye mwebafala mba media bukubisa abantu kati nze binjewa that’s camera editing. That Post was Just a lie. That page is looking for Likes.

Uganda Airlines Revival


Richie Richie answered 3 months ago

That’s not airbus MR.Mukwaya Saka  it’s called Boeing 747-8

Faizal Jimsalleh answered 3 months ago

Get serious Uganda can’t have that if the government t is full of careless people.

Bbaale Paul Ricky answered 3 months ago

At last Uganda airline is back, thanx NRM u have shown what u have done in 40yrs,  God bless u abana ba yellow

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