Uganda Is cursed! Discuss.

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Timothy Kalundu W asked 3 months ago
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WHAT A WEEK! Is Uganda cursed?

Museveni blames police, Kayihura apologises.

Prof Mukiibi leaves 53 orphans.

Church defends Prof Mukiibi’s legacy of leaving dozens of kids

Ivan Semwanga the Don may not be the one who was buried but a one Senyomo.

Fake pastors and fake miracles.

Mutebile and Muhanikizi summoned to defend missing billions.

Hackers rob agencies of billions.

Museveni says buys shoes in Wandegeya market.

Uganda is cursed.

Can someone summon Amin, Obote, Binaisa, Lule and the Okellos ghosts and we Cain them.

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Naggayi Sempala answered 3 months ago

So the religious tenets are just meant as lip service! So what church guidelines are meant to be followed? If adultery is ok, lying is ok, what’s left is not of the commandments? Or does the church in Uganda have another set of “new” commandments specific to the country?

Oweyegha Afunaduula answered 3 months ago

Cain them for laying the foundation for Museveni reign?

Sandra Namwanje answered 3 months ago

Thanx for the recap

Irene Jennifer answered 3 months ago

 I nolonger have respect 4these church men priests, bishops etc when arich person die, they all turn up 4prayerz, when apoor person die, they send aka small either parish zaverianz, 2conduct prayers. When kasiwukira, mukiibi ov st Lawrence, ivan semwanga, kawesa died big bishops Graced their ceremonies but wen kawesa z guards were shot dead, no body among those clergy, men ov God went 2their homes, God where r u, papa ov da poor?

Kanyonyozi Kelly answered 3 months ago

Uganda is not cursed instead is blassed coz wen u visit other countries like sudan that wen u get to know cursed countries

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