Where do Ugandan Ministers get the money to drive expensive cars?

Top QuestionsCategory: NewsWhere do Ugandan Ministers get the money to drive expensive cars?
Frances Cintah asked 3 months ago
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“When Mr Museveni captured power in 1986, he said our past leaders were so extravant on expensive car, he instructed all ministers to be given Nissan Laurel a Japanese cheap car. Today, look at the car our ministers are driving.” –  Kakensa Media
uganda ministers drive expensive cars

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Carlos Paddy answered 3 months ago

If you ask such question directly to M7
He will start telling you how GDP has increased, how Uganda is the second biggest exporter of coffee, how Ugandans abroad contribute much to the growth of Uganda, how illiteracy levels have reduced, how people afford going to school, how there are no more wars , how they have fought LRA, ADF, but the only reason for such expensive rides is that pubic servants aren’t pro people, they don’t have any relationship with people, they don’t trust the population, they’ve to be guarded 24/7 simply what they do create more enemies.
In fact 90%are not supposed to be where they are.

Denis Waha answered 3 months ago

But history shows that even those that were so rich to the point of owning other human beings one-day left the face of the Earth, only the Pharaoh’s were buried with their servants. I don’t think these opportunists will have that luxury, however it’s a fact they’ll leave the face of the earth sooner than we imagine, because they’re all in the evenings of their looting lives.

Sam Mubiru answered 3 months ago

Whoever is still taking these guys seriously should think twice. If it were in europe i would have had a different view.but in a country whose infrustructure is still wanting and these guys have the audacity to continue with this type of extravagancy. Its laughable

Ruhindi Ambrose Mafundo answered 3 months ago

Terrorism of 1986 is not of today and he is not to blame for the international insecurity. Terrorists targets top leaders or big mass murder across the world to capture media attention.. some of these cars are Armoured vehicles which are not cheap ofcourse and have saved many including former Egyptian president who one time got ambushed on his way to Ethiopia for a summit. Being pro-active is the primary role any security minded state does!

Hlykid Gone answered 3 months ago

Yes, prior to the past argument of the president, the world has made technological advancement and so you can continue driving cheap cars when advocating for a middle class for the country, thus brother better understand that the standard of living of the citizens will create such a promising state we deserve, with accountability and true governance Uganda Will stand to it’s VISION

James Baguma answered 3 months ago

30 years down the road, you expected them to be in the same vehicles? Would you if you were in their place? So you mean the country has not changed since then?

Prince Ford answered 3 months ago

The last time Sevo was in real control of the state is like 15yrs back. Man told you he is working for his family and you guys are still complaining. Nothing can ever be good after 30 yrs in power.

Kalinganire Charles answered 3 months ago

Ministers are also human beings who also want to own hood cars like anyone else so i dont see any problem with that Bobi cause u also have good cars

Oruk Charles answered 3 months ago

Any sensible person who went to school with an open eye and open mind would realise that buying a luxury car is destroying the economy of our country and strengthening the economy of the country you are buying that expensive car(s) from. A pot maker makes more money than a pot buyer or buyer and seller. Africans including Ugandans must start to make their own transport facilities if they want to develop. They must start from zero to the level white people reached. We cannot continue to carry big titles of engineers of any kind yet we produce or invent nothing. Africans have scientists who do not do research but spent most of their time under drinking joints. Africans have road engineers but still, they hire road constructors from countries in Europe and China. We need to demand from our so called learned people to produce or hand over their degree certificates back to the University they got from because its useless.

Ahmed Mwesige answered 3 months ago

Africa will always has been cursed by greedy leaders, and unless we start a serious reflection on how we get rid of kleptocrates we are doomed. We have to break the cycle otherwise we remain a waste land. We as a country have more pressing needs like poverty, poor health systems, rotten infrastructure, poor education system and where private services exist, they are very expensive for the ordinary folk. Yet some how our leaders have the audacity to buy very expensive cars for themselves yet mulago and all facilities like it are always understocked. Cry my beloved country

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