UPDF soldiers sexually abused at least 13 girls and women in Central Africa Republic while on the hunt for Joseph Kony

Top QuestionsCategory: NewsUPDF soldiers sexually abused at least 13 girls and women in Central Africa Republic while on the hunt for Joseph Kony
Alphonse Natu asked 3 months ago
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Human Rights Watch has said UPDF soldiers sexually abused at least 13 girls and women in Central Africa Republic while on the hunt for Joseph Kony

In a statement, the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) says it interviewed more than a dozen women and girls who accused soldiers of using food to manipulate them into abusive sexual acts.
What has the Ugandan Government Done to punish these Criminal Solders?

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Deno Cuts answered 3 months ago

I hate hypocrites mascariding as HRW…. Why go to CAR with the aim of looking for anything small in order to tarnish the good name of UPDF that they worked and protected for over the years…. If u say that, they (UPDF) used food to manuplate the women/girls. This sounds like there was an understanding between the two parties… At least, one rape is reported…. Come on let’s give credit were its due and thank our boys and girls who sacrifice their time and lived to defend our nation. They leave their wives and husband home to go and fight for our peace for so many years, yet many us cant even keep away from sex for even a month. But, UPDF, guys they endure

Baguma Timothy answered 3 months ago

Only 13 cases…and just one rape??!! Considering the time UPDF spent in C.A.R..that is largely a success story; a highly disciplined force by any standards. Human Rights whatever can go to hell….. there are many ways of seeking relevancy and donor funding ..other than riding on ‘trivia’.

Von Banya Michael answered 3 months ago

Just imagining if Kony was got no one wld come with such. But Kony having defeated evn the so called super powers they now want to conceal them selves under the umbrella of HRW. I hate seeing a uniformed personnel tortured and no one talks about it but they dare try evn CNN will knw. Aren’t they having feelings like others do???

Ivan Lusiba answered 3 months ago

Only 13! our boys are staving.but that organisation is stupid, would they leave them to die from hunger?, they had to pay for the food they were given. some thing for some thing what u have is what saves u

Keneth Isabirye answered 3 months ago

Even the US Army, marines, Navy, Air Force, Marshal and Special Force are investigated. If there’s any case of rape or sexual harassment or abuses, charges are placed and the investigation is carried out. The UPDF are an army consisting of human beings, of which they may mistakes. These mistakes should be corrected. Put yourself in the shoes of those raped or sexually harassed victims and think of the hard times they face. This is the same way they stole timber and gold in DRC and people kept on blowing the trumpet how UPDF did a good job to steal. Now we are in debt with DRC. Rape or sexual harassment is a capital crime next to murder, let Human Rights Commission do it’s work. Those found guilty should be fronted in the military Human Rights court. Case closed.

Pius Emuria answered 3 months ago

Its possible it could have happened but soldiers are also human beings. A man can’t stay for a year without sex unless he is abnormal. The good thing is that it wasn’t rape. It was a mutual agreement. Why don’t they talk about Konys atrocities metted against that population also?

Muhammad Ssengendo answered 3 months ago

HRW have their expectations and they think they’ll settle a victory on this… Americans, you are full of hypocrisy,
Nothing good you wish for Africans, not at all would you like seeing Africans and Arabs united in their respective regions.
What wrong haven’t you (Americans) done in Afghanistan, Iraq?? Attacking sovereign states, masses and masses of lives claimed, now showing off that you are sympathetic to people in CAR…Paddle your own canoes

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