What is the visa duration for Limited or unlimited Contract?

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Francis Rodrigues asked 6 months ago
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Please help me with some answers to my questions below.
1-What is the visa duration for a Limited or unlimited contract? Is it same or different?
2.I want to know about notice period before resign. 30 days notice period for both limited and unlimited contracts? Or there is a difference?
3.do we need to pay any amount to the company if we resign from the job on a limited contract after 2 years?

2 Answers
Kevin answered 6 months ago

Visa duration on both cases is same, i.e. 2 years

For unlimited it’s based on the offer letter you have signed. For limited, it can be immediate too but you will have to pay 45 days salary to the company as per UAE labor law.

Visa charges aren’t payable in both contracts.

Kristina Crystal answered 6 months ago

If you resign after two years you don’t need pay nothing ..depends of time,if is two years and one day you finish your obligations from contract. How many days will be exactly? Give us more details

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