What are the different types of Vist Visas in UAE?

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Isaac Kwame asked 3 months ago
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What are the different types of  Vist Visas in UAE?
Is it possible for a normal employee with 4000 AED salary to sponsor a friend on Visit visa of free months in Dubai?

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Yasin Muhamood Contributor answered 3 months ago

Different Visit Visas in UAE
With my knowledge in UAE after living here for more than a decade now. The rules on visit Visa keep changing for the better, which makes it more easier and cheaper to visit UAE than before.
Most used and common visas in UAE are  Visit visas and  tourist visas.

Short Term Visit (30 Days)
Long Term Visit (90 Days)

In the new visa rule, expats can now apply for 3 months visit visas for Parents,  Spouse, Children, Mother-in-law and Father-in-law With just a deposit of  Dh1000 which is refundable after the visitor exits.
@ Isaac Kwame , back your question any other relation besides the above you will need to deposit 2000 AED also refundable after the visitor’s exit.
NOTE there is a Minimum salary requirement to sponsor anyone on a visit visa in UAE.

4,000 AED to sponsor parents, wife, and children
5,000 AED to sponsor brother/sister
6000-7000 AED  to sponsor other relatives
10000 AED to sponsor friends.
In this case, since your salary is only 4000 AED, you need to visit a travel agency to sponsor your friend although the visa prices will be a little higher sine the agency has to add its services charges and commission.

Asif Khan answered 3 months ago

What documents do we require to apply for parents visit visas?

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