What are the required documents to rent a car in Dubai, UAE?

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Ian Smith asked 6 months ago
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I’m planning to Visit Dubai on a family vacation in March-17, I have heard that the public transport is quite expensive and it’s better to rent a car than using the public Taxi.
I have also learned that my UK driving licenses is accepted if I’m on visit however to avoid any inconveniences Can someone please tell me what are all the basic documents required to rent a car in Dubai.

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Margaux answered 6 months ago

Hi Ian 
Im working in one of the International car rental here in Dubai and  hopefully this some basic information could help you. Basically documents required to rent a Car would be A copy of your Passport, visa entry page (if on visit) a valid driving license (UK license if fine) or international driving license for those home country license that is not valid to drive in UAE like Russian, Indian, pakistan etc. It is also required to have a credit card for security deposit for the rental company to block some amount incase of any traffic fine violations, salik (toll gates). However other local company accept cash deposit.

Yasin answered 6 months ago

Hi Ian, since you have British valid Driving License all you need is a Copy of Passport, Copy of Visit Visa / Visa Stamp and Your DL. one thing you should always keep especially if you booking your car online CREDIT CARD. very important no international Car rental will give you a car without a credit card.
Your credit card has to have some sufficient amount that will be blocked for 15 days. after the company is sure that you have no traffic violations and late silk Updates. ( Salik is Road Toll only in Dubai) then the amount will be realized back to your card.
For Visitors from European( Not all, For Example, Russian Licence is still not accepted in UAE)  GCC Countries can drive on their home country driving license (when on Visit Visa)
If you are a UAE resident, you are required to submit: Copy of Passport, Residential Visa, Valid UAE Driving License and Emirates ID.
Good Luck and enjoy your Vacation.
my advice is based on my car rental experience at Dubai Airport. I worked for Dollar Rent A car for 4 years.

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