What happens Resigning under Limited contract in Dubai

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Princess Jacqueline asked 3 months ago
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I’m working as Cleaners under Limited contract for more than 11 months now. I’m planning to apply other job and my other colleagues. I have a Bachelors Degree but my company saying If me and my other colleagues plan not to finish two years contract they ask 5,000 dirhams for payment and they say if we not pay..then we didn’t finish two years contract they will give a Ban.
Please give advice

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Kumar answered 3 months ago

Even if you give or not 5000 if they want they can put u a ban because you are on limited contract. Also if u resign u have to pay 45 days salary. so if you are going for an amicable settlement,  get an NOC

Princess Jacqueline answered 3 months ago

Yesterday one of my friend told me. I can apply job now because no more ban anymore effective January 2017.They say once I have offer letter i will give it to my company and the resignation letter. Is that true?

Julan Asistin answered 3 months ago

I’m limited contract also if they terminated me how much they can pay. I’m 1 year and 4 months as a cashier.

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