What is Multi-entry visa in UAE

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Ishtiaq Ahmad asked 6 months ago
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What is Multi-entry visa in UAE?

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Gopa answered 6 months ago

Multi entry means if you take a visa you can go out of this country and come back and again you can go out .Single entry means once you go out it is expired.

Isaac answered 6 months ago

Multiple visa entry is mainly for businessmen and tourists.Businessmen can get 180-days multiple entry visas with a maximum of 30 days at a time stay. The same holds for Diplomats as well as UN citizens. however, tourists can get a visa for 3 months with 14 days stay at a time. 
 Multiple visa entry can be of Short Term or Long Term Multiple Visa Entry.
The duration period for short Term Multiple Visa Entry is 30 days and 90 days for Long-term

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