When to increase Security Guard Salary in UAE

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Vinnu Sharma asked 3 weeks ago
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I am currently working as a Security Guard on 2years contract in Abu Dhabi, i want to know that my company is saying that it doesn’t matter that how long you work as a security guard the salary will be remain same like whether i work for 2year or 5year or 10 yearr so my point is that is it okay that no salary increments by the company or is it wrong


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Aslam Khan Sarguroh answered 3 weeks ago

It’s company’s policy and rights whether to increase salary… there’s no such law for this from govt…if you are not happy with current salary you are getting then you can switch your job

Traver Kiggudde answered 3 weeks ago

 But in security it’s different all salaries approved by PSCOD, so if u feel uncomfortable look for another job

Mac-Donald El answered 3 weeks ago

 Is not must you have to change work. As far as your pay is good

Yasin Muhamood answered 3 weeks ago

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