Where Can i Cancel my emirates Id from?

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Muhammad Imran asked 2 months ago
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I want to ask about my Emirates ID  cancellation.
I cancelled visa from previous company and got new contract. now I have my new visa. hat is the next step for me, Do i need to cancel my old emirates Id OR it’s already cancelled?
Where Can i Cancel my emirates Id from? Government office or my new company will do it? 

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Yasin Muhamood answered 2 months ago

The old ID will be cancelled when the old company cancels your Visa, but since Emirates id is your individual card, it stays with you.
 Now days in UAE when your go for medical fitness test typing  is the same time when you apply for the new emirates  ID.
It doesn’t matter if the old Id is taken away from you or not, the fact is when you apply for the new visa or emirates Id, the old card is automatically cancelled in the system.
I have changed 2 visa’s in Ajman but i still have all my emirates ID and the dates are not even expired yet but i know there not valid in the system. the only valid Emirates ID is the one that match with your current residence Visa, That is why they only deliver it to the post office after medical is done. 

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