Where Can I get A cheaper Room To Rent In UAE?

Top QuestionsCategory: TravelWhere Can I get A cheaper Room To Rent In UAE?
Ebiere Monday Ifiti asked 6 months ago
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I am planning to visit UAE for job, and I need a room for rent, in which area I can get cheaper rent?

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Mustafa Mukka answered 6 months ago

Hi Ebiere. i will answer your question based on my experience when i came to Dubai to look for a Job.
First you didn’t specify which emirates exactly you planning to go to.  UAE is made up of 7 states namely Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Qaiwain.
The easiest state to find a Job Is Dubai because i think it’s the most developed followed by the Capital Abu Dhabi. I don’t know your budget but considering that you mentioned cheaper, you may not be in position to rent room especially if you choose to come to Dubai.
Rent in Dubai is quite expensive that the cheapest room you may get will be at around AED 3000- about $ 800+. what the majority do (Job seekers) you will find a bed space in a room of about 4-6 people (roommates) and for a good and clean bed space it will cost you around AED 700-800 per month, their other bed space that may be cheaper but will be over congested.
For you to get this bed space you can check on websites like
Dubai Classifieds
On the sites i have listed you can find Jobs as well.
Before you rent the bed space please consider public transport. make sure It’s best to find aplace near bus stations Or metro ! public transport TAXI IN PARTICULAR  may be expensive for Job seekers especially if you are to attend walk-in Interviews
Hope that helps. Good Luck.